About BI-K

Our Mission

The 2017 team at “their” school with the Headmaster, a teacher and a village elder.

BI-K exists to give Bainbridge youth a chance to experience the world beyond the shores of Bainbridge Island, teach them the value and rewards of community service, and give them a sense of their place in the world.  We do that by pushing them outside of their normal boundaries, exposing them to people, customs, and situations that they may not have otherwise had a chance to experience.

Our History

The dacha in Siberia.

The organization started life as Camp Siberia.  Between 2001 and 2011 we took hundreds of Bainbridge high school students to Siberia and held a summer camp for Russian orphans.   Between 2013 and 2016 we went to a small village in South Western Russia where we worked and lived along side of members of a small community of foster families and kids.  All of the trips to Russia included tours of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Late in 2016 while we were preparing to get the team of Ambassadors ready to go back to Russia, our sponsors in Russia let us know that they were not able to host us in 2017 so we looked for something else that would support our mission.

In early 2017 we partnered with a global service-learning organization called Global Vision International (GVI) and began planning for our first trip outside of Russia: Nepal.  GVI is a perfect partner since they believe in the same things and have the same goals while having many projects and support staff in many countries throughout the world.  In 2017 we went to Nepal and started a new chapter in BI-K’s history.

People Behind BI-K

BI-K is run by a small but dedicated group of volunteers who strongly believe in our mission.  The members of the Board of Directors are:

  • Loretta Stanton, President
  • Michael Holloway, Vice President
  • Debbie McLeod, Secretary
  • Elizabeth Tobola, Treasurer/Non Board Member
  • Carrie Holloway
  • Michelle Hutchins
  • Steve Matthews
  • Gretchen Speerstra
  • Scott Stanton
  • Nik Tsolomitis
  • Martha Wells

If you would like to join us to help change the lives of real great Island kids, send us an email.  We need people to help with all kinds of things like Public Relations, team selection and chaperones for our yearly trips.

If you can’t help us run the organization you can help us by sending us money.  100% of contributions go to making the program possible.  Your donations help us keep the cost of the trip reasonable for the Ambassadors.  Click the button below to donate.