People Who Make It Happen

Camp Siberia Founders
Janie Ekberg — Island Treasure, fiber artist, business owner, teacher and passionate volunteer, began visiting Russia in 1990 as a delegate in various art and theater exchanges. Janie quickly became aware of the plight of Russian orphans. Through work with Grace Church on Bainbridge and Natasha Syrkh in Russia the chance to help orphans was conceived and Camp Siberia was formed. Janie accompanied each year’s team of Counselors to Russia from the first trip to Siberia in 2001 through the first trip to Kitezh in 2013.

Allison Ekberg Dvaladze — Educational Outreach Coordinator at the Ellison Center for Russian, East European and Central Asian Studies in the Jackson School of International Studies at the University of Washington. Prior to joining the UW, Allison worked for the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs in Washington D.C. and the Caucasus where she focused on civil society development and election reform. She was also editor-in-chief of The Messenger, Georgia’s English-language daily newspaper, and AmCham News magazine. Allison spent her first year after high school living in Novosibirsk, dancing with the Globe Theater and studying Russian. She is a graduate of the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University.

Natasha Syrykh — an educator and theater executive in Novosibirsk, Siberia. Throughout her life, Natasha has had a deep concern for orphans and she has initiated numerous programs to bring theater and art to children. As our on-site partner throughout the year, Natasha works closely with our ‘scholarship’ recipients and Russian staff.Over the years of their shared love and concern for children, Janie and Natasha have delivered money, medicine – and now fun and joy – to some of Russia’s most forgotten children!

Dimitry Morozov – Kitezh founder and former radio talk show host in the USSR.
Sasha Voraksin – The current head of Kitezh.
Irena Voraksina – Biology and Russian teacher.
Maxim Anekeev – Director of the school in Kitezh.
Sergei Khloponev – Former head of Kitezh, math teacher.
Zhenya Ryazhskaya – Literature and Russian teacher, volunteer coordinator.
Maria Shurov – Literature and Russian teacher.
Mikhail Shurov – Geography and English teacher.
Roman Simukov – Manager of Kitezh, volunteer coordinator, teacher.
Andrew Aikman – English teacher and volunteer coordinator.

BI-K Board of Directors

  • Loretta Stanton, President
  • Debbie McLeod, Vice President
  • Michael Holloway, Secretary
  • Elizabeth Tobola, Treasurer/Non Board Member
  • Carrie Holloway
  • Michelle Hutchins
  • Steve Matthews
  • Gretchen Speerstra
  • Scott Stanton
  • Nik Tsolomitis
  • Martha Wells