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Arrival in Kathmandu!

Just received word from Scott and Loretta that they have arrived in Kathmandu and have met with their local GVI contacts. The group is safe but tired. A full update will be given later after the group has a chance to recuperate from their long journey.

In Dubai

In Dubai

We are in Dubai waiting for the next leg to Kathmandu.  Everyone is a little out of focus due to the 14 hour flight.  (It really wasn’t all that bad.)  Next flight is Monday at about 1:00 am local time.

We went through 2.5 security checkpoints, took

a 30 minute tour of the airport (inter-terminal transfer), and tried out all the restrooms along the way.

As I write this the team is checking out Bambay Chowpatty for a late snack

BI-K Nepal 2017 Send-off!

Well, it’s officially here! The send-off for the Ambassadors and Chaperones was this afternoon. The group has boarded the plane and are settling in for a very long flight to Dubai, where they will have a 5 hour lay-over and then continue on a flight to Kathmandu in Nepal. We will continue to keep you updated of the progress of the group as it becomes available.

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In the meantime, here are some images from our send-off event.

Nepal Itinerary

Nepal Itinerary

Here is the tentative itinerary for the trip:

Day 1 – Leave Bainbridge to fly to Kathmandu via Dubai

Day 2 – continue traveling to Kathmandu (it’s a long way)

Day 3 – Arrive in Kathmandu, eat and freshen up in the hotel then off to sightseeing in Kathmandu

Day 4 – Fly to Pokhara, get our health and safety briefings, look around in the local area to get our bearings.

Days 5 and 6 – Continue the GVI orientation, visit some local landmarks, try some Nepali foods and get ready for the trek.

Days 7-10 – Trek through the countryside staying at tea houses.

Days 11-14 and 17-19 – Work at a government school getting the classrooms ready for students.

Days 15 and 16 – Take a cultural tour: learn how to make momos, visit the Peace Pagoda and Tibetan Refugee camp, cross a really long suspension bridge, and generally explore the area.

Day 20 – travel back to Kathmandu

Days 21 and 22 – Tour Kathmandu visiting World Heritage sites, local markets, etc.

Evening of Day 22 to the afternoon of Day 23 – Fly back to Seattle via Dubai (it’s just as far but we cross 12+ time zones).

Afternoon of Day 23 and Day 24 – sleep.

All of this is subject to change based on weather, road conditions, etc.  We will have a much better idea of what we are doing after we do it.  We’ll try to keep a good log of it all right here on the trip log.

Nepal 2017!

Nepal 2074 Trip Log

This is where the 2017 trip to Nepal trip log will be.  Starting June 24th, the team will be traveling to Nepal for what we think is shaping up to be an epic adventure.  We hope to be updating this log daily so everyone back home can follow along with the team as they trek across the rural countryside, work in local schools, visit some World Heritage sites, learn to cook like a Nepali, and generally explore and experience the people and culture of Nepal.

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